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Do you need a lawyer to draft your privacy policy?

Do you you need a privacy policy on your website, but just can’t bring yourself to pay a lawyer to do it?

We get it, lawyers are known to be expensive.

But privacy is about more than just sticking a policy on your website.

Here is why we recommend getting a lawyer to help:

  • A lawyer who practices in privacy law will know what needs to go into your privacy policy and what does not and will give you advice on privacy as part of their service. This achieves the balance of making it compliant with the law, but also making it work for you and your business.

  • You can spend hours (even days) scrolling through the Australian Privacy Principles and attempting to follow the OAIC’s guide to drafting a privacy policy and you still may not get it right (sorry for the bad news). Downloading a template has its risks too, as often these are not legally drafted, not specific to your industry and need a lot of input from you.

  • Think of it like a contract; a lawyer drafted policy gives you the greatest level of risk protection should a data breach or complaint occur as it means you obtained legal advice and relied on it. You won’t have the same level of protection if you draft it yourself, use a template, or worse, copy someone else’s policy.

  • A reasonably priced lawyer should not charge more than around $660 including GST for a privacy policy for the average small to medium business who collects normal levels of personal information. A good lawyer drafted policy should help to boost your business brand and image and make you feel confident that you are handling personal information in the correct way.

*disclaimer: this is not legal advice, you need to book in with us for that.

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