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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an investment into the
future of your loved ones.

As legal risk experts, we offer an estate planning service to our clients. We are passionate about ensuring families, businesses, and legacies are protected.  We know that in providing this service, our clients feel a sense of relief and usually enjoy it more than they thought they would!


Our estate planning services are holistic and consider your unique circumstances. We do not provide a basic "fill in the blanks" will. We understand you can get that online (although we don't recommend it).  


We will always consider your family structure and your values and advise you on how to make your will work best for you. Our estate planning packages cover an in-depth discussion of your circumstances, goals and wishes, including your assets, your superannuation and insurance nominations.

Estate planning is not just drafting your will. Our packages below include an enduring power of attorney and an advanced care directive, sometimes referred to as your "living wills".  These documents are very powerful and in our view, they are best advised on and drafted by a skilled lawyer.

Bespoke Estate Planning


We specialise in more complex estate planning, including wills for individuals who run their businesses from a family trust and/or company. These wills are not necessarily more complex, but there must be "business succession" built into your trust deeds, constitutions and/or shareholder agreements so that your business is protected when you can no longer be at the helm.


Another option is a testamentary trust will, which creates a trust inside of your will that can provide extra protection for your assets, your beneficiaries, and can provide tax benefits. You can find further info in our FAQs. We can discuss with you at our meeting whether this is the right kind of will for you.

Our Process

1. You book a discovery call or send us an enquiry giving us some basic details. We can give you an estimate of what it will cost at this step.


2. We make an appointment to take your instructions. Prior to meeting, we send you a form to complete, which helps us work out what sort of estate planning you require and you can also raise any specific issues. The form also assists us with finalising our fixed fee quote to you.  If you cannot complete an electronic form, a short telephone call can be arranged.


3. We meet at our office or via video link to discuss your will, your superannuation/ life insurance death benefit nominations, appointing a power of attorney, and making an advanced care directive. This takes 60-90 minutes and we offer some after hours appointments.


4. We then work on your estate plan for you, taking into account all of your individual factors and goals, so that the documents are customised to what you need.


5. We send you the will and other documents to review and provide your comments.


6. Around two weeks after the first meeting, we meet one more time to read through the estate planning documents with you. This is when the documents are signed and witnessed, and your estate planning is all done!

Estate Planning packages

The estate planning packages we offer all include your will, enduring power of attorney and advanced care directive, with fixed fees.
Packages include: 

Standard Estate Planning

This includes a review of your circumstances and wishes, a will, an enduring power of attorney and advanced care directive. This is for you if you do not have a complex family structure and want to keep your will simple. 

Couple $1380 inc GST

Single $990 inc GST

Simple will only prices start at

$660 for one person.


Testamentary Trust (TT) 

This includes a full review of your circumstances and wishes, your will with testamentary trust, your enduring power of attorney and advanced care directive. For family and asset protection.

Couple $2395 inc GST

Single $1690 inc GST

TT will only prices start at $1210 for one person and $1920 for a couple.


Complex Estate Planning

For our business clients, or more complex family structures such as blended families, a more custom estate plan is required. We review your structures and documents  so that we can prepare a succession strategy.

Our prices are customised subject to complexity and what you want to achieve.

Complex will only prices start at $1100 for one person.


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