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Frequently Asked Questions

We value transparency at Towers Legal. You will find some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't find the answer you are looking for below, please send us an enquiry.


How do we charge fees? 

Our preference is to work on a monthly retainer for ongoing clients, or fixed fees for one off projects. This means we agree up front what your committment is. However, there are times that hourly rates may still be the best option and in this case we will provide you with an estimate of your costs based on those hourly rates. We always aim to give you pricing options to choose from where we can.

Are our fees different depending on the service area?

Our fee structures for our service areas are all based on clarity, certainty and value. In most matters where we are engaged, our fees are agreed with you upfront, after a scoping of the matter and your needs. For business clients who have ongoing needs, we offer a monthly or quarterly retainer based arrangement for regular access to our services. This provides excellent value and certainty. For ongoing disputes it is much more difficult to act under a fixed fee arrangement. We can sometimes provide capped fees, and we often work in stages to keep it transparent and manageable for you. We use hourly rates for certain dispute services, usually involving our personal attendances or when we are instructed on complex or more unpredictable matters. We prefer to provide an initial advice on disputes, before we undertake any further action so that we can assess your dispute at the outset. We think that this ensures clarity and the best cost efficiency. We offer fixed fees for Estate Planning services. A guide to our fees for different packages is on our website. For more information on our fees please get in touch with us via the enquiry form link below.

 Business Legal and Risks

What do we mean by 'business legal risks'?

We mean the risks that your business faces of getting into trouble both legally and financially. The most common example of this is a business taking the risk of not having legal contracts in place, for the provision of its goods and services. Expertly drafted contracts can protect your business from miscommunications, which can lead to disputes, which can mean major headaches and financial losses for the business. Every business has its legal risks, along with other types of risk, such as occupational risks. We cannot overestimate the need for protecting your business from getting into legal trouble. The couple of thousand you spend now getting your contract done, may save you hundreds of thousands in legal liability and costs down the track.

Why should I not use a contract template?

Because the template doesn't know you and your business and there will be much that you will need to complete yourself, leaving you open to costly errors. We know paying a lawyer to ensure all your legals are under control is not something you look forward to. But the earlier you start, the better protected you will be for when it is time to grow, or inevitably when a problem arises. As boutique commercial lawyers, we can offer affordable fixed fees so that you can plan around in your business budget.

Does privacy law apply to me?

It does if your business has an annual turnover of over $3 million or you are an Australian Government agency. However, it can apply to smaller businesses depending on what those businesses do. For exampe, if your business provides health services then you must abide by the Australian Privacy Principles, including having a privacy policy. There are other small businesses who must comply with the APP and we are happy to provide advice on whether it applies to you.

How much will a contract or new policy cost me?

It depends. Some businesses need complex and detailed terms and conditions because of the products and/or services that they offer. Others need something more simple. Some clients like to have a lot of involvement with the drafting of the contracts, and while this is great, it can increase costs. Although contracts usually share some standardised terms, overall we always provide customised agreements as this will serve you best in the long run. Generally, prices for new contracts start at around $1,375 and can reach $4,000. If you want us to assist with any negotiating of that contract with another party, then the cost will increase. Privacy policies are generally priced from $660, and again will depend on the complexity with which your business collects, uses and discloses its data (and how easily we can obtain your instructions). Additionally, if we bundle more than one contract or policy together that will save us time and reduce your overall costs.

Estate Planning

What is a testamentary trust will?

Also know as a TT will, this may be appropriate for you if you want more control over your estate, have children under 18 years old or with a disability, or a blended family. The phrase ‘testamentary trust’, refers to a discretionary trust set up in a will that starts when the will-maker dies. Some of the key benefits may be: - Relationship protection - Protection of immature or risky beneficiaries - Income tax flexibility Please contact us if you want to know more about a testamentary trust will. We will book you in for your first appointment and can advise you then if a TT is appropriate.


How do we communicate with our clients?

As we are virtual and do not have a physical 'reception', we encourage our clients to book their initial calls and meetings via our website which connects with our calendar. We are also very responsive on email or if you use our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can always call us on our mobile number during business hours, and we promise to respond to all messages in a timely way.

What is the client portal?

We aim to make things super-efficient and easy for our clients to communicate with us and the client portal is one of those tools. It means you can contact us about your matter at any time via secure message and we can share documents both ways in a safe and easy to use way.

Want to know more?

Please contact us by either making an enquiry or booking an initial free call with us.

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